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Every day we draw people more or less consciously in the cycle of nature. Every single house affects the balance of our environment: An extremely complicated and sensitive system that we have a long way to understand all the details have learned. All the more important, it is also in the interest of future generations, the pressures of our environment by building and living to avoid or at least as low as possible.


We want the aspects involved in the assessment of a building material from an environmental point of view are important. YTONG is produced from natural raw materials and energy and schadstoffarm produced. It can be easy and economical process. In houses made of YTONG Blocks little heat energy is consumed and CO2 emissions are reduced. Furthermore, YTONG is a building material, which also can be easily recycled.


Also: In YTONG houses's lives are very comfortable, pleasant and comfortable. Not only because of the climate conditions in the house. But certainly, because the decision for YTONG always is a decision which is highly dependent on a sense of responsibility for our environment is taken into account.


From the beginning, YTONG has vigorously pursued and maintained the highest environmental standards. From creation to construction, every environmental aspect of our manufacturing and delivery processes has been enhanced. Our integrated management systems conform to the highest international standards, while our packaging and transportation achieves maximum levels of energy efficiency, conservation and environmental performance.


By providing outstanding thermal insulation, YTONG products add sustainable credentials to any project. In fact, YTONG constructions can achieve the highest rating in the Green Guide to Housing. YTONG's environmental credentials extend to its eventual recycling at the end of a building's life. As well as being an inert material that will far outlast the usual 60 year design life expectancy of a building, YTONG Block is easily recyclable, and can be crushed down with other masonry materials and used in future applications.


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