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We support our products with a rigorous and continuous programme of research and development. Furthermore, we support our customers with personal service, attention to every detail and dedicated after-sales technical support and advice.


How we operate

Since the company started, YTONG has changed, yet stayed the same. We have never stopped improving and expanding our product range through technological development and design innovation. We have always been concerned to update and refine our manufacturing processes so that they are more efficient and meet higher quality, environmental and Health & Safety standards. On the same time we have always listened and responded to what our customers tell us, because we value nothing more highly than their trust in our products and our service.


Serving our customers

Our sales team is organised around the needs of our customers to provide continuity of care, knowledgeable and professional staff and a dedicated, personal service. Our commitment to high standards includes comprehensive sales office hours, electronic trading facility via email and internet, flexible delivery times and easy access to technical and sales information.


Technical Support

We provide first-class technical support, inspection of documents to give movement advice, seminars on proper application procedures, on-site support and a comprehensive range of technical datasheets and literature available at no extra charge.



Our factory, logistic centres and distributors are strategically placed around Greece, enabling our experienced staff to provide a responsive and helpful service, including flexible delivery times and composite loads of different YTONG and THRAKON products.


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